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  • Written test study guides

    Hey guys, I was wondering if their are any good websites or any good books that you would recommend to help me prepare for the written test.


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    Look at your local library .

    There are several "study guides"

    Be advised their usefulness is spotty
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      Check with departments which you are planning to apply to. In my experience most will tell you which test they use, and then look online for the corresponding study guide. In WI, there is no 'standard' test that all agencies use, but there is a test which is very common. If you find a similar situation in your area, you'll only need to buy one guide. The info is, for the most part, applicable to the other tests as well.


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        In Iowa all agencies use the same test and there is no study guide for it. Search Amazon and you will find several generic LE testing books which will give you some ideas of the question types.



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          I tried the study books. As far as I'm concerned it's a waste of money. I took as many civil service tests I could related to law enforcement. Eventually I started seeing the same questions come up. I was weak in punctuation and English types of questions so I used those kinds of books to get better at it. When I say I took tests, I took a lot of tests even if I didn't want the job. Corrections, parks police as an example. I would have taken those jobs but I always wanted to be a Trooper and after four of those tests with the same dept I made it.


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