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Moving from Michigan to Oregon, just a couple basic questions!


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  • Moving from Michigan to Oregon, just a couple basic questions!

    Hey guys, first post. Also thanks to anyone who tries to help.

    So i'm 24 years old moving from Michigan to Oregon. I have a bachelors degree in criminal justice, I was an explorer in my home town for 4 years, and i completed a full time internship with a local police department. I have been saving up to move to Oregon for the past year (haven't been applying for police jobs) and now that I have enough I want to move ASAP. I have lined up a security job in Portland to pay the bills as I apply for police jobs.

    Here in Michigan you cans self sponsor yourself through the academy. I know A LOT of officers in my area and they think I could get hired in Michigan pretty easily, plus a lot of my buddies went through the last academy and are hired all around my area.

    Now my questions is... How is the job market in Oregon right now? There seems to be a decent amount of police jobs available, but searching on this site a lot of people talk about how the hiring process is SUPER intense and it can take a long time from sending in your application to actually getting an offer. So if the hiring processes is that intense, should I just become a cop in Michigan for a couple years, then transfer laterally to Oregon?

    I purposely tried to make this post short and sweet. I REALLY want to move to the pacific northwest. And I have spent the last year working low paying jobs to save up enough to move. But now that I have enough to move, I'm thinking it might be smarter to become a police officer in Michigan then transfer. I mean is the application process for all these departments that intense? Is there a TON of people applying for police jobs in Oregon?

    Thanks to anyone who helps! I greatly appreciate it.


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    I just got hired in Oregon. I am 21 with a bachelor's and a squeaky clean background. I don't have the explorer experience you do. I am a CO with the county and might be set to get hired at a different LEA (in final stage). That said I applied at approximately 8 agencies and my hiring process was nearly four months where I was hired and many of my co workers took nearly a year. Every open position had at least 50-100 applicants competing for it more in the range of twenty to one by the time oral boards were over. I went to interview everywhere but it took a lot to find the right fit. I can't compare it to another state but that has been my experience.
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