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Turning down final offer


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  • Turning down final offer

    How do agencies view applicants who turn down a final offer but reapply a few months or a year later?

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    I think it would depend on why you turned it down before. Were you in the military and couldn't get out at quickly as you thought you could? Or, was your wife a week away from giving birth and you didn't want to miss it? Or, on the flip side, was it because you didn't want to miss some sort of get together with friends. Or, that you just simply weren't prepared after going thorough an extensive hiring process?
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      It depends on the circumstances.


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        While it MAY depend on the circumstances--------------If I am an agency CEO and give you a final offer, AFTER all the crap I put you through and $$$$ I shelled out to get to the FINAL offer stage------------------I am going to be a lot less likely to given you a SECOND final offer.

        YES, some Chief's can be that way---------------
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