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    Hey all!

    As of now I am about 1 year out of self sponsoring through an academy. I have worked at a credit union near me for about a month as a teller, but will be moving to member support at the end of July. Before accepting this job at the credit union I have tried applying at different police departments for everything under the sun, including my colleges public safety department. Of course, now that I have a job, the public safety department at my college has open positions.

    My question is, with an academy so near in my future, if I were to take a job at my colleges public safety department, does holding this job at the credit union for such a small amount of time look bad?

    I know holding many positions for short periods of time will look bad to prospective departments while going through the hiring process, however I have had continuous employment in the past, with two separate companies at the same time, with a 1 year break between my previous job and the one I currently have.

    Thank you in advance for any feedback,
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    If your academy is a year away, you have to work somewhere, don't you? I don't see what the issue is. Have you looked at a part time academy? Quitting a job to attend a full time self sponsored academy is a big risk that almost never pays off in a timely manner. There are guys around here who can't even pick up an auxiliary badge a year after graduation, which automatically puts them back in a refresher class.


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      I've held some jobs only a week to a month, this one going on two months before applying for College Public Safety Dept
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