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Impact of family members


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  • Impact of family members

    Considering wrapping up my AS and applying for some PDs instead of going for my BS as I had originally planned. Overall, I do think I'm a decent candidate. I have a lot of pros going for me, and my only personal blemish would be some moving violations (the last being being three years ago, four by the time I apply.)

    However, I have some in-laws that are less than desirable people and I'm wondering if this will hurt me. My father-in-law has been convicted of around a dozen felonies, and the same goes for some other members of that family. FWIW, my wife has a spotless record and is not involved in any of that.

    Question being, how big of a deal is this?

    Thank you.

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    At the time I was first starting in Law Enforcement my cousin was stealing cars.................the only problem with that was we both had the same first and last name.

    It caused some confusion.
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      Any agency to which you apply is going to be looking at you, not your relatives. I would suggest this to you. At the appropriate time in the hiring process, you disclose fully what you've mentioned to us.

      In the meantime, I would severely restrict, as in avoid any contact with these people (family events, casual contact, etc) as much as possible.


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        My younger brother had multiple drug charges on his record very near to the time I was applying and actually got arrested again during my hiring process.

        When asked if I ever associated with known criminals I had to say that I did, he is my brother and although I don't support or participate in his life style it is very hard to avoid him at family functions. My background investigator understood and advised that it would not change how I was looked at.


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          Many of us have a few bad apples in the family tree. The important thing is that you disclose this at the proper time. You are not responsible for their activities but if you cover for them you are accountable for that.
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