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    This might be a stretch, but I'm going to give it a whirl to hopefully open up some networking opportunities because it never hurts to over prepare.

    As stated in prior threads, I'm undergoing some minor (what I originally perceived as major) physical surgery soon and will be being released from AD from my unit in the KY/TN area from the Armed Forces in the next year. I'm fighting a medical discharge because I do not want that mark on my DD-214, but that's a separate devil.

    Post service, I'll be submitting packets to city and county LEA's around this general area. My wife is going to be staying in the service and she needs to stay around here. Montgomery County, Sumner County, Houston County, and Stewart County are looking like my primaries, although I'm getting a vibe from some of them that they're a tight knit group and aren't looking for brand new LEO's with zero experience, lol.

    Has anyone been to the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy in Nashville? I'm originally from Connecticut and I know that the POST-C Course in Windsor Locks(?) is there. But I'm getting a different vibe from the LETA here in Nashville.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Ya know, I'm not certain you should trust your "vibes" to the extent you seem to be. In the most general of terms, a Medical Discharge, as long as it is under honorable conditions, need not be a bar to employment as an LEO.

    What will be the determiner there is your ability to perform the duties of a police officer. As a further suggestion, I would advise you to go the Tennessee section of the forums, as you may be able to pick up some more specific answers to your questions.

    Intuition can be a great thing at times. It can also be the factor that really screws you up at other times. Widen your horizons to the extent that you can, and go where the opportunities are.

    Best of luck, and sincere thanks for your service.


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      I understand the limitations that a medical discharge and this injury will give me. I also understand that it's not a disqualifying factor, but more of a set back. My issue is the frustration with not being able to do endurance type exercises. The military and police work have two different tiers of exercise standards, from what I've gathered. Being in the Infantry, if you can't run 5-10 miles, you're not meeting the standard. But it's not necessarily a disqualifying factor in law enforcement.

      My Platoon Sergeant is leaving soon and has began to put packets in with local LEA's as well, his wife is also staying in the military. I've began to do PT with him (as much as I can do pre-surgery, lol) and we've began working on LEO-focused exercises. I can run 3 miles right now and while I may be hurting a bit, it's nothing I can't handle.

      I appreciate the sound advice, and how optimistic you all have been towards me. It gives me some insight on how you all take care of each other.


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