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Positive TB skin test - any knowledge?


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  • Positive TB skin test - any knowledge?

    Is this an auto DQ? Latent TB/prior exposure doesn't seem to be a big deal health wise and I have passed all portions of the employment process and have a conditional offer on the table that rests on my medical exam. I am a prime physical specimen and also believe my skin test was misread (I measured under 10mm raised bump) that's beside the point however, I would just like to know if any one has any info on what a positive TB skin test means for potential employment. Thanks in advance!

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    Go here http://lib.post.ca.gov/Publications/InfDiseases.pdf and read the section on TB.
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      Thanks L-1, that makes it sound like it should not be an issue. That is good news as the plan was to be placed in the Sept OCSA class assuming my medical cleared. If anyone has any personal experience with this would still like to here your input. I will also update once this plays out.


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        Glad you got some good news. I'm not in any way qualified to give you medical advice, but just from the standpoint of personal health, why not see your personal physician?

        Once more, good luck in your hiring process.


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          I received the BCG vaccine as a child so my skin tests always show positive. When I've needed TB clearance, they don't bother with the skin test when I tell them about the BCG; I get a chest x-ray and ultimately a clean bill of health.


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            I have tested PPD positive for 50 yrs-------------working for 38 of them as a Law Enforcement Officer.

            It turned out (back when I first tested positive I was run through every test imaginable) that my Grandmother's first husband died of Tuberculosis in 1917. She later married my grandfather. She of course carried the TB antigen since she had been exposed to the disease. I lived with my grandparents for several years up until I started school and thus was exposed to my grandmother who was an asymptomatic carrier of the TB antigen.

            Thus I test positive.

            Like Seventy2002, the Chest X-Ray is sufficient for anyone who is NON SYMPTOMATIC
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              I recently showed symptoms of TB and took a specific blood test. Much more accurate and shows the specifics of the possible TB in your system. One of 3 tests showed a "+1 but I was not active.

              If it is necessary, get the blood test.

              FWIW: I was told that with the large numbers of Asian immigrants in my area, exposure potential is high just by someone coughing as they walk by you.


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                Thanks for all the info guys, I guess I can still expect academy in the fall. Hopefully this info will help others later on!


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                  Alot of West Africans are positive as well, though they're not actually contagious. When I worked in the lab, one of my co-workers was from Liberia. He always had to have the chest xray vs the skin test.
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