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Attrition from a military training program


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  • Attrition from a military training program

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    Last edited by gp360; 02-13-2015, 02:44 PM.

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    Much is going to depend on the nature of the program, and the reason(s) you discontinued it. In very general terms your failure to complete the program probably would not be a DQ.

    As a part of any hiring process you enter, you'll be tested/evaluated on your physical abilities to perform the duties of a police officer. Best of luck in your future plans, and sincere thanks for your service.


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      Don't give up on the military! Police work will be here when you get out.

      Best of luck!
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        Programs like the one you are in do drop a large swath of folks, and provided your drop is not due to misconduct you should be ok. Be prepared to speak to the why did you wash out question.

        And for what its worth, I have several friends who have gone through aviation programs and who at various stages thought they were going to get cut, and all of them made it through.
        Originally posted by SSD
        It has long been the tradition on this forum and as well as professionally not to second guess or Monday morning QB the officer's who were actually on-scene and had to make the decision. That being said, I don't think that your discussion will go very far on this board.
        Originally posted by Iowa #1603
        And now you are arguing about not arguing..................


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          Thanks everybody, I appreciate the responses. I'm trying to keep my head up on this, just have been discouraged lately.


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