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  • Georgia Police Departments

    I'm just seeing if I can get some input from a few people who may have some inside knowledge here, let me just give a little background. I'm 30 years old, living in Gwinnett County, GA and looking at a career change to move into law enforcement. I am looking to make a long term career out of it, moving up through the ranks and into a Special Op's department such as Narcotics or Gangs with the hope of moving to a federal agency such as DEA at a later date (I know this may not be possible with the upper age for federal being 37)
    I currently have applications in with Gwinnett and DeKalb police, both are moving along very well and I would be thrilled if I got offers from one or both departments. I can see the good and bad sides to both departments but I'm edging more toward Dekalb right now, mainly because (and correct me if I'm wrong) there may be more opportunity to advance within the department and I'm guessing there may be more violent crime (drugs, homicide etc).
    Again, correct me if I'm wrong on this but I'd love to hear what others think about these two departments


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    Don't wish to seem rude, but I'd lean to the agency which made me an offer of employment. You're not there yet. Get hired first, then think about long term goals.

    To the very best of my knowledge, both agencies you reference enjoy good reputations.


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      Both agencies have great officers. I'm more familiar with Gwinnett than DeKalb. Both work 8-hour shifts. DeKalb's government is having a lot of problems with corruption and ethics and scandals. Gwinnett lost their service dispute with the municipalities within Gwinnett, so the county police and city agencies kind of butt heads at times.

      Both are having to deal with budget cuts due to the economy and large portions of the county incorporating, especially DeKalb. I believe there are three ballot measures this year for incorporation (Tucker, Lakeside, and Briarcliff). DeKalb just lost Brookhaven. Gwinnett had Peachtree Corners incorporate, though its policed by Gwinnett.

      If its violence and action you want, you'll likely get it in either. District 1 is where Gwinnett sends most new officers (near Norcross, Jimmy Carter, Indian Trail, etc.). In DeKalb, I believe South Precinct is where most of the action happens.

      Also, don't discount Cobb County Police. They're a great agency as well. If you want action there, request to go to the district that covers Six Flags Drive and surrounding.
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