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Question for officers who work in the HR hiring process


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  • Question for officers who work in the HR hiring process

    I'll preface this by saying that in my area PD wages are pretty high compared to the average job in the area. As a result, hiring for PD jobs are very competitive. Agencies will get 1500 applicant to hire two or three recruits.

    So, I have been 1 of those 1500 for several agencies. My background is that I have finished up a military career (meaning that I am in my low 40s). I have a pretty good military résumé. I have a bachelors from a state university with a 4.0 GPA. I can score a good PT test, in the top 10 or 20 percent. I pretty much ace the written tests, and my oral boards go well ( I've had a lot of experience at various boards). My civilian job requires a high level fed clearance and I know I can pass background.

    However, whenever I apply for local agencies I end up getting an email saying " thanks for your interest, you are fully qualified, we will keep your name on the eligible list'"

    From this experience I come to one of two conclusions: there are so many applicants that lots of well qualified applicants are getting pased over and I should just persevere...


    In an area this competitive I will always be passed over due to my age no matter my resume and how well i test and I am wasting my time.

    Anyway, I would appreciate any honest input on this topic. I don't mind persevering if I have a chance, but I hate to keep wasting my time, and agencies time, if I realistically have a chance of zero.

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    A lot of departments put together a hiring list for future openings or to put off hiring until their next budget year.

    It probably has nothing to do with you. Or maybe it does.


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      being put on the list, is always better then the thanks but no thanks letter... keep going and dont give up.

      while your bg may be great, scoring well on the written test is crucial when it comes to being placed on the list. you want to shoot for the top of the list.

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        While taking your pt test if it's a pass or fail make sure you give it 100%. I've seen tests where they take your times a place you on a list according to total times. So be careful and good luck.


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          Unless there is a statutory age limit, your age isn't really a factor.

          PS: clearing a Federal Secret/Top Secret clearance means ABSOLUTELY nothing when talking about a POLICE background----------That is talking apples and kumquats.

          PSS: Keep trying----------the competition is terrible in your area ---most likely you just aren't scoring high enough in the testing process
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            What it comes down to is where you are on the list versus how many vacancies they have.

            With limited vartiations, hiring is done based on your position on the list. Highest gets picked first, nexty highest gets picked second, etc. If they have 10 vacancies and you are number 40 on the list, odds are you are not going to get picked this go around but will remaion on the list for its life. If they anticipate hiring 20 people during the life of the list and you are Number 25 or under, you will probably be reachable. OTOH, if you are numnber 40, odds are the list will expire before they get to you and you should start testing elsewhere.

            Call HR, ask the what your position is on the list, how many people they anticipate hiring during the life of the list and when the list expires. None of that information is a state secret and knowing this will give you a ballpark idea of where you stand.

            Also ask if testing is banded (where testing is structured so that multiple people tie for the same position on the list). With banding, 10 people may tie for 1st rank, another 10 may tie for 2nd rank, 15 for third rank, etc. Most civil service agencies are allowed to fill a position taking anyone from the top three ranks. When banding is used, merit hiring goes out the window and it becomes a good old boys club. Instead of choosing from the top three candidates, they can choose just about anyone they want from the top 30 candidates in three ranks. If that's the case, it (sadly) comes down to who you know.
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