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  • Lessons learned?

    I'm 23 and looking into law enforcement. Even before becoming 21, which is the minimum age in my state, various people have told me to not just focus on one department because it isn't likely to join your first choice. After applying to a few places, including my city department, I realise how stiff the competition is.

    Just wanted to ask seasoned officers what lessons they've learned during the hiring process. As in, "don't do x" or "remember to..."

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    You will be asked to fill out numerous forms such as applications, personal history statements. medical history questionnaires, etc.

    Be painstakingly accurate in each one you complete. It may take a lot of work and digging on your part to go back and find dates, addresses, contact info etc. from years ago, but you need to make every effort to gather this information.

    Each time you complete one of these forms, make a copy for yourself. This keeps you from having to do research all over every time you apply someplace. In addition, it allows you to be consistent in your answers, Instead of trying to remember or guess as to a name, date or address every time you apply somewhere, you can go back to your original materials and get the information from them. Otherwise if you put one set of information on Personal History Statement A and a different set of information on Personal History Statement B because you guessed or couldn’t remember, it looks like you lied, or were unable to pay attention to detail, or were unwilling to follow instructions, or are lacking in the quality of thoroughness, or any combination of the above, all of which are grounds for DQ.
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      How are you scoring on the civil service exam? How far are you in your current applications? Is there something in your background you think might be holding you back? Don't give up and keep applying.

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        Patience........................you learn patience and attention to detail.
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