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How to use a career portfolio in an interview?


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  • How to use a career portfolio in an interview?

    Hi I've used this site a lot when preparing for an oral interview but I can never seem to find any threads about career portfolios. So my question is do you hand them to each of the panel members at the beginning of the interview or wait til the end for them to look at it? If they take them at the beginning do I point to things in it when I'm talking about something specific. For example I was in a Police Explorers program so I have a few things in there about that so if I'm talking about Police Explorers and how explorers has helped me in a career in law enforcement do I show them the section of my portfolio that has the explorers items? Do I let the department keep one of my portfolios? The interview I have coming up is the city I live in so I dont see that as a problem as far as getting my portfolio back but I did leave one at an interview because they asked but the city was over 2 hours away and never got it back? Thanks for any feedback anybody may have.

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    Honestly, when you submit your application, they already see your work exp. In my experience, they don't really care much about work experience, instead, they want to see how you present yourself and think on your feet. Almost always, you'll have a chance at the end to talk about anything. Tell them about your work experience and sell yourself .


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      Matt, I'm going to blunt, and I hope you won't be offended. With my Agency, when an applicant appears before an Oral Board, we want to talk to him/her. A "Career Portfolio" is neither required or desired. Possibly, some departments would accept such a document, but the actual Oral Board is far more important.


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        The typical police employment application and subsequent background investigation are pretty invasive. By the end of that, the administration will know more about your career than you do. As caideN and PhilipCal both stated, the Oral Board is where you have to shine. If you made it that far in the game, it is time to step it up. Make sure everything that is supposed to shine is real shiny and that you can slice bread with your creases. Research the agency you are interviewing for and try to know more about it than the interviewers.
        Above all, communicate well, making good eye contact with good posture. Set yourself apart by doing this, not making scrapbooks about what you have done.

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          Anything like that handed in during an interview in my agency will be thrown into the trash.

          If it wasn't asked for during the process, it isn't wanted
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            Thanks guys for the input, its good to get other peoples opinions so I very much appreciate it. I have definitely researched the department a lot and practiced my interviewing skills a lot as well. Thanks again everybody. Wish me luck.


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