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How early should I take the exam?


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  • How early should I take the exam?

    I am a college junior pursuing a degree in Planning & Public Policy with an interest in law enforcement. I was wondering how early I should take the exams for the departments I'm applying? Should I take it now? (I'll be graduating May 2013) Will they keep it on file? Will it help my chances the earlier I take it? I'm interested in the NYPD, Boston PD, and Portland PD, among others. Will my test be ineligible by the time I graduate? I've looked for answers to this sort of question but they all seem very vague/not applicable.

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    My suggestion would be to call each of the departments you are looking at---------get ahold of their version of HR or Civil Service and ask the question. It will vary as to each department

    I think from what I have read on this forum (yep reading past postings help) it takes 3-5 yrs to get hired from the NYPD test list..........on a good day.


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      I agree with my colleague's suggestions. The agencies you've listed, are to the best of my knowledge, Civil Service. Civil Service hiring processes are very formal, impersonal, lengthy, and quite often very frustrating. Generally, you should take the exam at the time it's offered. It is from the written exam that the process begins, and an Eligibility Register established. A register, once established will last until it's exhausted, expires, and a new written exam given. How long a register is valid is established by the conditions I mentioned, and could range from one to three years, possibly more. Now that you're no doubt thoroughly confused, I refer you to my colleague's advice concerning your contacting the agencies which interest you, and determining the specifics concerning their hiring process.


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