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questions about interview witht he major?


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  • questions about interview witht he major?

    Hi I passed everything in the process now I have my interview with the major. what all happens in the interview? Like what are some thing I should know? thanks

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    Not to be a Richard Head..................but at an interview...........

    They ask questions

    YOU are looking for a job--------------------------they are looking to hire someone who they like, trust, and are going to issue a gun to. They want to know everything about you.
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      Look up...and review threads on Chiefs interview and follow the given instructions...they are usually quite similar if not exact.


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        Like the others said, it is probably like a Chief's interview.

        A lot of agencies work under something called the Rule of Three. They can fill a vacancy taking anyone from the top three test scores on the hiring list. If there is one vacancy they can pick anyone in ranks 1, 2 or 3. If there are five vacancies they can pick any five people from ranks 1 through 8.

        The purpose of the Chief's interview is to pick those candidates that seem like they are the best fit. Best fit can mean anything: that you make a good impression, possess a unique skill, sound like you possess the same philosophy as the chief. It's sort of a crap shoot and literally depends on what is important to the chief, which will vary from department to department. All you can do is go in there, be humble and make your best impression.

        Should you not be picked, your name will remain on the top of the list and you will be considered again against the remaining top candidates when the next vacancy comes up. This process will continue until your are hired, the list is exhausted or the list expires, whichever comes first.
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