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Is a high school diploma vs. a GED weighed pretty heavily?


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  • Is a high school diploma vs. a GED weighed pretty heavily?

    I obtained my H.S. diploma back in 2005, however, due to moving half way through my senior year, I switched to home schooling to finish up and was covered by a small, private Christian school (that I physically went to for 6th-8th grade but that's besides the point). When I graduated I was the first person to complete high school through their covering, so I was like their prototype, test hamster or whatever. I have my diploma and transcripts and never thought anything of the validity of me "graduating" being a question. Anyways, fast forward a little. Back before I moved to my current state on the West coast, about a year ago, I was trying to enroll in a community college in Tennessee where my folks live. I had to jump through hoops and have the principal of the private school write the comm. college a letter stating that I had legitimately graduated just for them to let me enroll. I think they did end up accepting me only because they were sick of seeing me in their office. Apparently, technically, I didn't graduate through an accredited school system recognized by the state. I was accepted at the Community college after a lot of effort, but didn't even get to registering for classes before moving here to my current state (I am in school now but they don't ask for H.S. transcripts/diploma in the state where I now reside).

    So I'm wondering how this will play out with departments I'm applying at. I know this probably isn't a common issue that you guys have seen, but if it comes down to me having to get a GED because of this is that going to hurt me pretty significantly?

    *edit: I did 4 years in the Marines and I don't recall what paperwork I supplied MEPS/recruiters with to get in, but I'm pretty sure they would have needed to see my diploma/transcripts. If so, there was never any issue then...

    I'm thinking I should try to get in contact with a recruiter at a local department and see if I can't find anything out before I run into a headache when it's less convenient timing during the hiring process(es).
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    GED=dropout diploma.

    Get a college degree and then apply!
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      Originally posted by Buffaloboy View Post
      GED=dropout diploma.

      Get a college degree and then apply!
      Isn't a H.S. diploma a mandatory prerequisite to a college degree though? Either way, I'd have to hope my H.S. diploma is recognized as valid or get a GED it seems.


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        The immediate potential problem that jumps out to me is the accreditation question of the Christian school. You might wish to see if the school is currently accredited in the state where you resided. If a community college, or a four year college accepts your HS Diploma, there would be no need to obtain a GED.


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          This is a very strange issue, but no matter how it's solved/rectified, I don't see it being any kind of major factor.

          As my colleagues have pointed out, if you get a college degree, even an AA, the question should be moot.

          You'll have to check into the specific accredidation and the requirements of the actual Agency to know for sure if you should pursue a GED. If it's the worst and you have to obtain the GED, I don't see that having any kind of effect as long as your above explanation is documented.



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            When it comes to backgrounds, the circumstances around why you have a GED will be the deciding factor and not so much the piece of paper itself.

            If you have a GED because you were a hardcore doper who couldn't be bothered to get up early enough in the morning to get to school, it will be looked down on.

            If you went to an alternative school that used the GED examination as it high school diploma for accreditation reasons, it will be looked at more favorably.

            I remember one example from a hiring cycle a few years back. We had a young man who had gotten seriously ill during his junior year of high school and it took the doctors over a year to diagnose and treat him. He made a full recovery but was already 18 and his class had passed him by. Instead of being an 18 year old junior, he got tutored and took the GED exam. We did not look at his GED as being any different than any other HS diploma.

            As with most things, its a totality of the circumstances deal...
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              I read all your questions about all your troubles and problems and wonder what department will be able to add all those tribulations together and score you high enough to hire you.

              Then I thank the good lord that I will never have to supervise you........................you sound like you have been and always will be a crap magnet.

              First find out if the Christian School you "graduated from" is accredited in your state. If they are and you and a paper diploma from them..........................you are good to go after you get a copy of your transcript from ALL the high schools you attended ..............you then keep them all together in one file & can prove you have the requisite credits to qualify for HS graduation in your state.

              On a side note...................a GED is an equivalency degree. It is equivalent to a HS diploma and is good enough to get into college with or get a job that requires a HS education.

              The reasons for not having a HS diploma would be investigated by a BI when applying for a LE job................but the GED on face value would be sufficient.
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                It depends on whether this Christian school was authorized to grant GEDs. You are going to have to do a little leg work. As stated above, based on the circumstances, a GED is not a killer. That said, get your GED thing figured out and enroll in college. Get some classes under your belt and your GED won't even be an issue.
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                  Originally posted by Iowa #1603 View Post
                  I read all your questions about all your troubles and problems and wonder what department will be able to add all those tribulations together and score you high enough to hire you.
                  I just put each thing into a separate post, so it ends up looking worse than it actually is

                  Thanks for the info/advice, everyone.


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                    If you have actual college credits from a community college, I can't see any problem with your having a GED vs an actual diploma.
                    There are alot of home schooled people that get a GED once they're eligible.
                    totality of circumstances, as my colleague stated above......
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                      I don't know about your state but in California, the law prohibits employers from discriminating against someone with a GED versus a high school diploma. If an applications asks if you graduated from high school, the law here allows you to check the Yes box if you have a GED.

                      With that said, private school can't issue you a GED. Down here you have to pass about a five hour test at a county testing center. You then mail the results off to the State Department of Education along with a check for about $12. After a few weeks, the State mails you your GED certificate.
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