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Question about my final Interview


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  • Question about my final Interview

    Hello everyone, first off thanks for taking the time to read this. Since my final interview for the sworn sheriffs deputy position for the Cook County Sheriffs Department. I been driving my self crazy wondering if it went bad. I have passed everything including the pysche and poly, and the last stage is the final interview with which I was told you bascially have the job if you get the final interview. A little background on me is, I currently am a loss prevention officer since 2007 and am a sworn auxiliary deputy for a local sheriffs department, sinec 2007 as well. I think I did pretty well on the interview, decent enough to pass, and then the personnell lady started explaining the benefits and about the job and such, then she asked the panel if they had any further questions before the interview came to a end. The one guy said yes "Why dont you just go full time with the County your a auxiliary deputy with?" Well, I told them I didn't want to live in that county, Id rather work in Cook county and be able to live where I want, and also with corrections, the sheriff of the department I am on does not allow people who have been arrested by them to work in the jail due to a couple instances that happened in the jail with fellow officers posting thier records on the wall, and I stated I was arrested for minor in possesion by them 10 years ago and thats another reason why I cant go full time in corrections with them. The personnell lady then asked me If i got it expunged, and I said no ma'm and she said oh okay. The interview then ended and they said good luck and shook my hand. I was a little confused why she asked that cause they were well aware of my prior arrest. I just got a bad vibe from them after that, maybe im just over reacting. Do you think that could possibly sink me, im not sure why it would it was disclosed prior and I was honest about it. Any ones advice/opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    The HR lady was probably the one person on the panel that didn't know "for sure" that an MIP charge does not affect certification or hiring. I think you are okay and just over-reacting.


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      If you already disclosed it prior and have gotten this far it's probably nothing to worry about.
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