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  • Don't waste your time......or theirs.

    Went in for an orientation on a position with a local SO. Found out that the schedule was way worse than my current one (I get every other weekend off) and they are way to soft on their inmate population compared to how we are with ours (more safety for us less fun for them) that combined with a few other factors presented in the power point caused me to politely excuse myself and let them know that it wasn't going to be a good fit and thanks for the opportunity. I saw no reason to stay for the next two hours and no reason to go through the entire paperwork process knowing I wouldn't take the job.

    Point I'm making for the new folks is, if you change your mind about the job, the dept. or even know there is something in your history that is gonna DQ you. Save the BI and the dept. some time and effort that they can use for candidates who want to be there and have a valid shot.

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    Yea it's nice if you realize that before you get too far into the process. Often a person quits a job, gets into orientation with the new job and then realizes it isn't for them------------but they still need the job so they remain.

    I had a similar situation shortly after I retired. I started a new job and inside of a week I realized I didn't want to remain there. I was financially able to quit-----------and I did, rather dramatically after a supervisor pizzed me off. I was going to be in more intensive "training" in the next couple days...............NOT!
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