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  • Divulging driving history

    I'm having an issue filling out an application for Corrections. My driving record only has one infraction listed. I know I have a couple of others, the most recent being about 6-7 years ago. I know what states I was in, but honestly don't remember dates, etc. How do I go about getting that information? I don't want to not include it and seem like I'm trying to hide something, but I've also had the same license (I'm military) the whole time and kinda confused why only one infraction is listed. How should I address this in regards to my application?

    *I did a search and didn't find this. If I missed it, I apologize in advance.

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    Get as close as you can remember.

    Just tell the department that you remember receiving a citation x number of years ago in whatever state it was in. Then tell them that you can not remember the exact dates and the DMV report you got did not have it listed.

    If the department wants to dig deeper, they can access LEO information which should give them the exact dates.
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      Cool. Thank you very much.


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        John, my colleague nailed it. This happens more often than you might think. List the citations you recall, provide as much info as you can, and let the BI take it from there. Good luck in your process.


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          One option is to contact the DMV for the state you received the citation and find out what you need to get a copy of your in-state record. You might be able to get the information that way.

          The other option is if you remember which agency issued the citation. You could contact them directly and ask about it. They would probably share it with you if they have it on record.

          Some types of citations don't make it on your official record and some states may not report them to your home state. If I remember correctly, I think Colorado only participates partially in the DL Compact meaning they only accept major violations from other states. So if you've got some speeding tickets from another state, Colorado would not have put them on your record.
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            Okay. Fortunately these were back in 02 and 04. I haven't gotten a ticket since then. It took a little money out of my pocket to make me smarten up and be a good driver. lol

            Thanks again, all of you. I really appreciate the time and advice.
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