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  • College major question


    Well I have switched major's several times first it was computer science, then I thought about going into law enforcement so I switched to Criminal justice. Now I found my love Geophysics (Volcanology etc etc)
    but I still would really like to be a LEO. So I thought about maybe trying to get with the US Forest service or the park service. so maybe someday I could work in Hawaii, or Yellowstone etc etc.

    So here is my question If I get the geophysics degree how will that look compared to a CJ degree for going into Law enforcement? I don't know any people who go Geophysics and then go into LE. I read that USFS and the Park service want people with natural science degrees I am just curious how Geophysics fits in there.

    I know with the geophysics degree I could make more money being a scientist or whatever and I have thought about doing that. but I really want to work LE in some of the great national parks or at least near them.

    Thanks for any info

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    I know a cop who has a meteorology degree...................the degree type really doesn't matter---the degree does

    Geophysics would be a Natural Science degree
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      Get your Geophysics degree and minor in Cj. You may not really go wrong there.... Yes the degree doesn't matter too much..


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        A similiar question is asked every week. No one cares what your degree is in. A lot of posters suggest a degree in any field but CJ in order to make yourself marketable in case you don't get hired as an LEO or to have as a backup plan in case you are an out of work LEO. I think parks, forests or the BLM would look favorably on a geophysics degree.


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