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I used Lsd at 16, Will this ruin my LEO chances?


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  • I used Lsd at 16, Will this ruin my LEO chances?

    I'm not a druggy, I did Lsd when I was 16 cause well, I was young and adventerous but more so stupid. I wanted to be a cop my senior year in high school and am currently in my second year of college for law enforcement. I never thought about prior drug use keeping me from the job I want to do, never was really into drugs. I smoked a couple times throughout highschool at social events I'd say less than 13 maybe 14. ( When I say smoked I mean like one hit and that was it). I've also never been drunk, I guess that doesn't matter since it's legal. Anyways I'm 18 about to turn 19 and I havent touched anything illegal since I turned 17 and I wised up and really grew up alot.

    I've never been in trouble (of any kind), never failed a class in my life, and have really cut ties with anyone I know who really engages in an illegal activity like smoking weed or drinking underage. Law enforcement is really my dream job. I still don't know if I want to be a LEO, maybe go into something in the Federal line, or just work at a prison.

    But I've been on here recently, I read threads about the drug use knocking people out of what they want to do. I did some research and found that most have a 5 year prior rule, or a no drugs after 21. I'm still young and have years before I can ever apply but this has honestly really killed my hopes.

    Not too many things interest me like Law Enforcement, I'd love to have a respectable job, that pays decent, and is something that I think I would enjoy. I guess it sounds lame, but I want to feel like I"m doing some good, but also have that kind of atmosphere where my family can feel safe, I always felt protected when I was young since both my parents were in the military, and I want that for my kids and wife. ( Not married yet, but have a long time girlfriend just waiting till we're older).

    I used Lsd twice within two weeks at that age, that was it, no other hard drugs/hallucinogens, I was young it was dumb. But I'm still young, and really full of ambition. Will I still be able to do what I want in the line of Law Enforcement? If not could I work in a prison system or something like that?

    I figured by the time I was 21, I'll have quite a bit of college under my belt, by the time I'm 22 it'll have been at least 5 years since I have done anything drugs ( The LSD twice, and one toke of weed a couple times througout High School, was never once high). I understand that over the internet you can't reallly read a person. But if I show up, am honest about everything, prove that those were really mistakes and really come off as a good individual and have a good background, no trouble with anything with the time between when that happened and those qualities are my chances of getting to do something I want still good?

    If not how long would I have to wait? I mean my dad was a marine, my mother was in the navy, I want to have a job that's respectable like those. But I don't want to be in the military.
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    I just read here that for the ATF it's 10 years. But the Pot policy had me confused? http://www.atf.gov/careers/drug-policy.html
    The 13-14 was a rough esitmate, as I never really counted. But it only happened very very very seldom. So it's likely to be between 7-14, But I don't know the exact number. What would I say in the interview or poly test? And what's the experimental limit I read on there, but it had no number?


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      Since some people need to be told by notes in crayon .......Don't PM me with without prior permission. If you can't discuss the situation in the open forum ----it must not be that important

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        I'll attempt to make this as simple as I can. LSD is a hallucinogen. The use of LSD, even once, is a DQ with most LE agencies, mine included. It is totally immaterial that the use took place while you were a juvenile. All too often on this forum, we get posters who claim that becoming a police officer has been/is their dream. They then, torpedo their chances with one bad choice. Your "pluses" while commendable, won't offset your poor choice at age 16. The LSD will emerge as a killer. Hopefully, when you posted, you where looking for honest replies, as opposed to what you wanted to hear. In summary, you've pretty well aced yourself out of just about any LE job out there.


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          Stop making new posts to ask the same question... druggie!!!
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            Originally posted by Buffaloboy View Post
            Stop making new posts to ask the same question... druggie!!!
            I replied to him in both threads. Same basic message, but apparently he's having problems accepting "No" as an answer.


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              Short answer is that you have no chance in Colorado for LE employment. Whether or not you "got high" with the marijuana is irrelevant. You're really pushing the envelope of experimentation with the MJ usage as well.


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                Didn't we just talk about this? Go away.
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                  Yes.. You're screwed.. I don't think I would ever be comfortable knowing my partner used such a harsh drug in the past.. You should try mcdonalds.. I heard they hire parolees.. You're a criminal and don't deserve a badge..


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