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  • Texas Game Warden Interview


    I am scheduled to take an interview for Texas Game Warden next month. I took one a while back for Border Patrol; I was asked a few questions about myself and then they jumped into some scenario questions. Is the what I can expect for Game Warden? Do they tell you right there if you pass or fail?

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    Can't speak specifically for the Texas Game Warden interview, but it probably will be similar to the Border Patrol interview. As far as scenario questions are concerned, the agency won't expect you to address scenarios from the perspective of experience.
    They are looking more for your ability and skills at reasoning and problem solving. I don't know if they'll tell if you passed/failed at the conclusion of the interview, but many agencies won't.


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      I have been through five or so LE oral boards and each one was a little different. All had scenario questions, all asked about my reputation, my strengths/weaknesses etc etc.
      For each interview, I thought about what I thought the panel would ask me. I prepped and rehearsed my responses. I also thought to myself what they were probably looking for in a qualified applicant and tailored myself in that direction.
      An interview is your opportunity to sell yourself. You can have all the experience in the world and a solid resume to go along with but that's what you the interview, the interview is your chance to sell yourself and close the deal.


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        You will be rated on a scale from 1 to 3 and no they won't tell you how you did. You'll get a list of the questions they'll ask before the interview, when you arrive. Some may be scenario, really can't remember though. Look professional when you show up, look at the interviewers in the eye when you are speaking and when they are talking to you. Answer the questions honestly and confidently. Good luck there is not a better job in LE or a better department to work for anywhere.


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