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Question about work history and some personal information.


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  • Question about work history and some personal information.

    I'll try to keep this pretty short as these things can get pretty wordy. My primary concerns
    about not being hired are based on my work history. I've been self employed for 5 years with
    moderate success. Two years I did well, three years I did not. I'm ready to try a new field with more stable pay, and being a police officer has always been something I'm interested in, but it was my second choice over being an illustrator. I think that not having a boss looks bad to future employers. I mean I have tax papers and stuff for that time, but it does kind of look like a void on my resume I think. I can always provide clients as references though. I've worked on big stuff too, two Dreamworks movies, games, tons of comics and books, etc. Also, it would be great if my ability to draw could help the station. I can draw people and things from description with considerable accuracy as my job as an artist was ‘concepts’ which basically means I would draw visual representations from text or vocal description by clients. People, places, objects, vehicles. Etc.

    I went to art school and have done art professionally for about 10 years, however I only tried to
    make it my sole source of income for the last five. It isn't a stable enough professional in this
    part of the world, but I don't want to move away from my family. I've had good job offers (four or five times my current annual income) from California, New York, far away from here. But my mother is sick and I want to live close to her. I'm an only child.

    Before that I worked at two furniture stores, the first store I quit after a year because I discovered the boss was a pretty bad drug addict, the store closed only a few weeks after I quit.

    The second place I worked I just didn't enjoy the work and was ready to try to support myself with my trade.

    A few things
    -I own a house, two cars, I'm married, no children. I’m 29 years old. I’ve been with my wife since highschool.
    -I've never been arrested or even committed a crime, my record is spotless as far as I know.
    -I wrecked a truck when I was 16, but I'm not even sure if it was reported or not. We lived in a small town of about 40 people and had no police there. No one else was involved, I just lost it on some loose gravel. Country Kid stuff. I honestly can't remember for sure if it was reported to the police, I mentioned it anyway on my application.
    -I don't drink or smoke and don't use drugs.
    -I've supported myself since I was 16, I worked summers and weekends at a sawmill while in highschool to pay for gas and food. I also paid for my college this way, by saving up enough before I graduated highschool.
    -I can run 1 mile in 6.5 minutes, and bench 190.
    -I have a small heart murmur I was born with. Cardiologist says it is nothing to worry about since I workout and eat right.
    -I have very little related experience. Some minor experience helping first responders with cleanup and helped design their helicopter landing pad. But no training as I was a minor. My uncle was a fireman and my mother a first responder. I've never enlisted or done any military service, although for 5 years they hounded me pretty hard because I 'scored' something on an Airforce test in school. I don't remember the specifics.
    -My father (was) a career criminal. He's been arrested more times than I can count and in prison several times. He drank pretty seriously for most of my/his life and had constant clashes with law enforcement. Bad clashes, some involving gun fire. He's infamous in the region. I think he kind of scared me straight though, seeing how he behaved while drunk has given me a reason to never touch the stuff. I don't talk to him much and he's not part of my life. However, he's infamous enough someone at the department I'm applying at will know him.
    -My credit is 'really really' good according to my bank after they did a check on me.
    -I have a lot of experience in cities too, not just country life, but honestly I’ve never been in many fights or anything. I’ve always been able to talk my way out of a physical conflict even in school.

    I think that is the relevant information. I've been studying everything I can get my hands on for the exam and I even ordered some books online. But they seem pretty vague. I don't think the test will be a problem though. I'm mostly just worried about the work history and the competition from returned military personnel as we have a lot here looking for jobs and I have no doubts I’ll be competing against marines and such.

    That got a lot more wordy than I intended. Sorry about that. I’ve frequented the forum for some time now, just quietly reading stuff. But I put my application in now and am ready to take the plunge. I hope to hear back from them about testing.

    Thanks in advance, these forums have always been a great source of information. I've read Guam's thread dozens of times. Really good stuff.

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    The big thing is you were employed.................self employment is fine....being your own boss isn't a handicap.

    I skimmed the rest..............(short attention span tonight)..............

    You have as good a chance as anyone.....................I see no fatal problems.
    My new word for the day is FOCUS, when someone irritates you tell them to FOCUS


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      Thanks, and I understand. I've never had an interview and not attained the position, so if I can just procure an interview then I'll feel much more confident.


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        Admitedly, I pretty well speed read your post. Self employment is not a problem with respect to your work history, nor should it be.Based on what I read, you should emerge as a viable candidate. I would encourage you to apply.


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          Wow. I'd hate to see the non-brief version

          You're fine. Stay clean and you'll be fine.


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            I'm only commenting because I took 30 mins out of my day to read your post, lol.
            You sound like a fine candidate. Just remember the competition for officer jobs
            is really intense right now!


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              Haha, yeah thanks a million guys, sorry for getting carried away. Let's hope I remember all this info in the interview. Have a good night guys.


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                Ditto to the rest.

                Your only enemy is this ****ty economy.



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                  Oh dear im sorry haha
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