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Mentioning "rejection" from past lists on future applications in law enforcement.


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  • Mentioning "rejection" from past lists on future applications in law enforcement.

    Hello, and thank you for taking time to read this. I have no criminal history, never arrested, no drug use or family/money problems at all. I have a good past all around. I applied for police officer position in a smaller town of about 15K people, 2 hours away from Chicago. The list was made up of 50 applicants (out of a total of about 150 that tested). I was number one. The strangest thing happened though. They ended up having an opening and asked me to go to the medical clinic for the exam. This turned out to be a mess, they had a community college female student (who didn't know what she was doing) attempt to draw my blood unsuccessfully 3 times in one arm and I requested someone else to do the blood drawing because my arm was getting really sore and bruised from all of it. So the female nurse that I asked about getting someone else for the blood draw had a real bad attitude about me asking this. I was trying to be polite too. But another nurse came and did it correctly the fourth time and it was quick. About 20 mins later, I did this "breath test" of blowing into an inch wide unrestricted tube for 7 or 8 seconds. This part of the exam also went bad. For some reason, I exhausted all the air in my lungs in about 5 seconds blowing at their "appropriate" air pressure. This same nurse that had a bad attitude with me before said "I don't know what your problem is, even seven year-olds can pass this test" and then she threatened to fail me. I did the test over again several times and it wasn't apparent if I passed or failed it. At the end of the whole thing, some doctor gave me a check up and signed off that I was fit for police work. About a week later, and after the psych test, I was told that the nurse I dealt with told someone on the hiring commission that I was less than personable and wouldn't be a good fit for police officer in that town. The police chief told me that I would be "passed over" on the list because of this. So, I was rather shocked that it played out like this and now when I apply to future departments and they ask "have you ever been rejected from a hiring list" do I say no or should I say yes and try to explain this whole mess? THANK YOU
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    Your reply should be obvious, but I'll help you. The correct answer is "Yes" Without really commenting on your "explanation", you should know that Chiefs usually have some discretionary power when choosing a candidate. In most Civil Service exams, the Chief would follow the "Rule of three" in which he would choose from the three top candidates on the eligibility register submitted to him. In non Civil Service hiring processes, the Chief may enjoy even more discretion. So, once more, in answer to the question, your reply is "Yes". Attempting to explain the situation is your decision.


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      This is not rocket science.

      You applied and tested for a police department. You were "passed over." That means you were rejected or not selected or any other term that means you were not hired.

      I would not explain on a application, but would be prepared to explain when filling out a background questionnaire.

      If all of the above was true, it just proves that you never know who is going to have input into your hiring. During the entire process you may be dealing with all sorts of people----some not even connected to the department, who MIGHT talk to someone who DOES have a say in the process.
      Since some people need to be told by notes in crayon .......Don't PM me with without prior permission. If you can't discuss the situation in the open forum ----it must not be that important

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        If you say "no" you're telling a lie, which is an automatic disqualification.


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          Understood. Thank you for all the input. I am a bit paranoid of looking like a 'questionable' applicant and, of course, I don't want to lie. I have nothing else from my past that could harm my chances of being hired, so I assume that this alone wouldn't be enough to disqualify me? I guess its just another bump in the road.


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