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How to attain some "icing on the cake"...


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  • How to attain some "icing on the cake"...

    I have applied to my first police department and begin testing at the end of this month. I have nothing in my past that would disqualify me, but of course there will be a few minor smudges to admit to. I'll spare you guys the minor details of the negatives, but here is what I have accomplished:

    -I served 4 years honorably in the Marine Corps
    -I have a good, stable work history with part-time jobs since high school and to present.
    -I'm currently taking classes at a local community college (but a ways off from a degree... I'm in my third quarter)
    -I have good credit
    -I'm currently in a "Community Police Academy" (40 hours worth of classes covering the various facets of the department here, and police work in general)
    -I've done 6 ride alongs from 18y/o to present (24 y/o).

    I feel like there has to be something I haven't considered that would make me a more desirable candidate. I have hopes for the current application process I'm in, but I'm not counting on a "whole in one". I figure I'll be doing this process a few times before squaring away an occupation as an LEO. I have a feeling some will tell me to make getting my degree a priority, and I am, although I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that becoming a police officer is my ultimate goal. So I think it makes sense to at least TRY in the meantime, while I'm still schooling, even if it's only for the experience of going through parts of the hiring process.

    Any recommendations/advice/anything at all for me, in regards to attaining this profession and making myself a better applicant in general? Are there any invaluable resources you've had that helped you with phases of the testing/interviewing process (I'm mainly thinking of the oral board interview)?

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    No. You are just like most others. You can't "spice up" your life. If you want to stand out, you need to do something that stands out. Go volunteer.
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      Originally posted by District B 13 View Post
      . Go volunteer.
      American Red Cross

      Big Brothers/Big Sisters

      Your local school system

      Check out your county Emergency Management Agency

      Any non profit in your area probably needs help

      Local Animal Shelters
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        Learn spanish


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          Originally posted by sigcopper View Post
          Learn spanish
          More and more it seems this is becoming a significant "feather in the cap" for departments across the U.S., some even offering additional pay for foreign language fluency (especially Spanish due to it's prevalence across the U.S.).


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