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Another eligibility problem/question


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  • Another eligibility problem/question

    Ok, so I'm a junior in High School and I'm looking for career options. I'm contemplating becoming a Criminal Investigator. From what i understand, you have to become a police officer for so long, then you become eligible for the promotion. Either way, i understand the physical demand this job requires, and could do it. My problem is that i was born with a heart condition called Aortic Stenosis. I had emergency open heart surgery @ 2 weeks old, and another open heart surgery procedure, called the Ross procedure, when i was 10. I'm 17 now and have been cleared every year since then to do whatever i want, i could even play football. I'm just wondering if this is an automatic disqualification. I've been searching for weeks for a straight answer and haven't found anything, except that some medical conditions' eligibility vary between departments. I just don't want to spend all kinds of time and energy researching and preparing if i am not able to do it anyway.

    thanks for any info you can give!!

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    Print this out and take it to your cardiologist. http://lib.post.ca.gov/Publications/Cardio.pdf

    Ask him if you meet any of its disqualifying criteria. Tell him to be brutally hinest and not tell you what he thinks you would like to hear.

    While these are California standards, they are fairly common for most of the US.
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      Essentially it will boil down to whether or not the Dr. that the department uses will clear you for duty. Do a little research on the departments you're interested in, find out who the physician is, and schedule a physical. At least you will know.
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        You are 17 so I will correct your statement for you. YOU have absolutely no idea what the physical demands will be. If I were in your shoes, I would research your local academy and decide if my health could handle the demand. Most academies are alot harder than high school football.


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          L-1 has given you some sound advice. Find what the standards are and go to a doc.


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            L-1's publication will give you the basics but it is important to know exactly what standards the departments you will be applying to have.

            I know a lot of officers with heart problems. But very few who had those problems prior to being hired.

            Many public safety pension plans have what is called the "Heart/Lung Clause". That basically states that any heart or lung related disease is automatically deemed job related and is cause for medical retirement .

            A very good friend of mine is a FireFighter. Several yrs ago he was participating in their annual PT test at the firestation.

            During the test he dropped dead.

            Since the FD also ran the local ambulance service (and most of the FF's were Paramedics) he had immediate ALS care..........a short drive to the hospital........... he was revived. He was life flighted to the regional medical center & found to have a tumor INSIDE his heart. It was removed and he is just fine. He then fought the pension plan which demanded that he be retired medically because of his heart attack. It didn't matter that his attack was caused by the tumor---all that mattered to the bean counters was that he had a heart attack................ It took him almost a year but he was finally reinstated (He retired last month on age/length of service criteria)

            Sometimes the bean counters win sometimes common sense wins.

            @17, you have a few years to figure out the best plan for you.
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              Twenty plus years into my career, I had tripple by-pass heart surgery. The medical retirement issue was very much on the table. I remained on active duty for six more years, and did my Department's annual physical assessment each year. This consisted of push-ups /sit ups done in a timed setting. Immediately following this, we did a 1.5 mile timed walk/run. Times were graduated as to age. At age 17, you've experienced some very serious heart related issues. I fully agree with each of my colleague's comments relative to your situation. In the meantime, be certain to maintain the life style regimen your doctors recommend. When you come of age, seriously restrict your drinking, and for Heaven's sake, don't even think of smoking. Focus on graduating from high school. Stay active, stay healthy, and best of luck to you.


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                I agree with L-1's suggestion. Take that and give it to your Doctor. I wish you the BEST of luck. Keep clean, get good grades and PLEASE remember that what you do now can come back to haunt you years down the road...remember that when your friends are making not-so-wise decisions.

                I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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                  thanks for all the help guys!


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