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Etiquette when talking to BI and Officers while in process


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  • Etiquette when talking to BI and Officers while in process

    First of all, let me thank you all for this wonderful resource. I'm sure it has helped me greatly in getting as far in the process as I have thus far. If for no other reason than the search function has allowed me to ask a minimum of stupid or overly asked questions (I hope this isn't one of them, but I did search first).

    My question is: When talking to my background investigator, when do I say "Sir"? I don't come from a military background and I'm not entirely familiar with the correct etiquette here. My dad was formerly a police officer (in the 1970's and in a different state), but he wasn't especially helpful, he said "say it when it sounds right to you or you don't have anything else to say." It makes sense but it seems like an incomplete answer to me.

    When I call, should I say, "Hello Investigator <lastname>, this is <mcmski> calling about <whatever topic> Sir." or "Hello Investigator <lastname> Sir, this is <mcmski> calling about <whatever topic>." or "Hello Investigator <lastname> Sir, this is <mcmski> calling about <whatever topic> Sir."

    Or am I over thinking it? Also, are there any other places I should make sure to include a Sir? I assume any Officer I speak to is Sir (or Ma'am, of course), but is it just Sir, or is it Officer <lastname>, Sir.

    Thank you very much for your time.


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    Be respectful...............Officer is normally fine if you are unsure of the formal title. If the officer is in uniform and you see rank (Sgt, Lt etc) use that rank instead. If in plain clothes--------or over the phone-----I would use officer.

    Sir or Ma'am, is fine.

    Yes you are over thinking this a bit. The BI is just a person -------not a god. Your dad was correct in his statement.
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      You just need to be respectful. Forcing "sirs" where it isn't necessary just sounds dorkish. You aren't a marine in day 1 of boot camp. Remember this guy is probably on first name basis with his boss.

      Something like,

      "Hello sir, this Dingo 990; <on to business>"

      is fine


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        You're overthinking this way too much.


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          As others have said, you're thinking about this too much. If you're addressing him by rank and name, you don't need to use "sir." If he asks a question you can always reply with a "yes, sir" or "no, sir."


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            You are way over-thinking the issue. Just be respectful and talk to them the way you would speak to any stranger you meet and greet. How do you talk with your pastor, your doctor, your grandparents or an elderly relative. Don't fret it.
            Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence!

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              You could always use: "Your mighty holy heiness". That's what I prefer when I'm doing a background.


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                Great thanks. I had an interaction when I went to pick up my Personal History Statement packet and I said "Hello Officer <last name> how are you? and he just said, "Sir" and I couldn't figure out if that meant I was missing a "Sir" there or not. Then as we were getting ready to leave he said to the group of us that it would be in our best interests to start pacticing our "Sirs" as we are being watched from now on, but some of people in the group were employed as civilians in the PD.

                I had a feeling I was way over thinking it. Thank you all for confirming it.


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                  Originally posted by Michigan View Post
                  You could always use: "Your mighty holy heiness". That's what I prefer when I'm doing a background.

                  I like it best when I'm addressed by my porn name. Sir Buck Naked.


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                    Originally posted by Michigan View Post
                    You could always use: "Your mighty holy heiness". That's what I prefer when I'm doing a background.
                    Haha if someone actually said that to you that application would be shredded!!
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                      Simple, common courtesy, the same kind you use every day. Yes, you are over thinking the issue. Relax, take a deep breath. Good luck.


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                        Hello Officer--------------- this is (your name here) I am calling about...................yada yada blah blah blah blah

                        Thanks your for your assistance.

                        Don't be so formal with a lot of sir's or mam's. He or she is a regular person and if doing BI's familiar with day to day English.

                        I always got suspicious when constantly called sir or Trooper or Investigator. Common courtesy is all that is required. As SGTCHP said, treat them the same as he mentioned
                        "a band is blowing Dixie double four time You feel alright when you hear the music ring"

                        The real deal

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                          Ask what their first name is, and call them by it.
                          If they say it is innapropriate, they are just kidding.
                          OR just use "dude". Works for males and females.


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