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    No one can make your decision for you. But, before you pack the car and start heading south, let me tell you a little about Alabama. I don't propose that my thoughts as totally typical, but they are fairly indicative of what's taking place in other areas of the country. Each day the Lord allows me to wake, I give thanks I'm retired from the Alabama Department of Public Safety, instead of trying to go to work for it. Despite what Barry Obummer and the gang in DC are telling you, the economy is still in the crapper. The Governor of Alabama recently declared 15% Proration for the State General Fund, and the Education Trust Fund. Since Alabama is constitutionally prohibited from deficit spending, teachers in the hundreds, including some tenured teacher will be furloughed or fired. Agencies funded by the General Fund are already drafting plans to reduce work hours, and/or furlough employees. Even if the economy were to improve 100% tomorrow (unlikely in light of rising gasoline/diesel fuel prices) it would take revenues two to four years of sustained growth to allow hiring to once more take place. That isn't to say some agencies aren't hiring. This is where YOU need to do some research. Much of that can be done from your computer. I believe some local agencies in Florida are hiring. Closely examine each agencies requirements, make certain you're a match. Do this before you pack the car. Good Luck


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      Right now every state is in the same situation. No money=no positions open.

      When I say NO I really mean just enough cops are being hired to make the departments run-----no extra manpower. AND many departments have been laying off or just not filling jobs to make ends meet.

      My department was given approval to hire quite a few facility was given approval to hire 20. BUT they were told that it had to come out of their in place budget------------and so did the 3% across the board rasise contracted by the union. The institution was not going to get extra money to cover the raise or the new staff.

      I think when the bean counters finished they are talking about affording to hire maybe 3. I, like my colleague PhilipCal, am VERY happy and give thanks daily that i am retired and no longer have to worry about staffing my shift.

      The MN way of putting the cost of the training on the individual is spreading like wildfire since states see it as a way of cutting costs @ the State owned Academies. Iowa is one of the states that still insist that an officer gets hired prior to going through the academy and does not allow private run academies. Legislation was introduced this year to go to the "Minnesota" system. It was soundly defeated in committee.

      Only you can decide what you want to do and where you want to do it. There are a couple thread active right now about "Is the Grass Greener" -----that probably can contribute to your decision. The consensus is that the grass is probably not greener anywhere.
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        If I were you I'd look at states that are currently hiring and ask yourself if you could live in that state. Some Southern states are beautiful but the way I want to live doesn't meet the way the state is run. For instance, I value education and require a great education for my children. Some states down below MN don't value education as much as we do in MN. I like to hunt and fish......get my drift? Then look and see if that state that fits your bill will take your MN education and training. I do think some do/will. You are already 1/3 of the way done....if they take your MN education..... you might as well finish it. MY 2 cents and you can take it or leave it.


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