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Traffic citation/crash question


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  • Traffic citation/crash question

    I've seen a lot of postings on here about "habitual offenders" when it comes to traffic violations and accidents.

    When I was a younger (between '98 and '04) I had 9 traffic citations (3 speeds, 4 registration, 2 seatbelt) Some of the cites were doubled up on the same traffic stop (which, in all honesty can most likely be credited to my attitude at the time)

    Since '04 I've had 2 cites ('06 no turn on red, '09 speed)

    5 total accidents (3 before 2003, 1 'at fault' in '05 and 1 'no fault' in '06)

    My question is, how much time do you as backgrounders like to see before you're convinced the applicant is no longer a habitual traffic offender?

    Thanks for your feedback

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    My Agency would consider your driving record, in total, as "Evidence of a pattern of disregard/disrespect for the law". It would be grounds for disqualification. The 2009 citation for speeding, taken by itself, probably would not be a problem. However, as it stands, it's simply the latest entry in a driving record, which in all honesty sucks. You would need at least three to five years of violation free driving to even begin to emerge as a viable candidate. Even then, and due to the large number of applicants who wouldn't bring your issues to the process, you'd have little chance of being hired. It's true that standards vary between agencies, but it's my feeling that even the most tolerant agency would not select you at this time.


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      I'll have to agree with philipcal. Your driving history is baaaaaaaaad. Considering you just got a ticket 2 years ago. You need at least another 5 years with no citations and no accidents for me to even finish reading your background packet. Then I'd still put your packet at the bottom because the 21 other background packets I have don't have your kind of baggage.


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        Although your answers don't thrill me, they are valid and I appreciate the brutal honesty! I will take your advice, wait a few years, and see what pans out in the future. Thanks again and stay safe!


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