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Social Security Report(please help!)


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  • Social Security Report(please help!)

    Does anyone know exactly where i can get a Social Security Report? is this an actual credit report? because ive looked all over and nothing comes out under social security report.

    I am asked in the application to also send a 10 year detailed Social Security Report...

    Also.. the driving history is actually ~$25.00? just making sure I wont get ripped off when if i buy the report and I could have gotten it much cheaper elsewere!

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    You're confusing a Social Security Report with a credit report. A Social Security Report should list all jobs you've held in which FICA taxes were taken out of your paycheck. This report can be obtained from any Social Security office. I believe there's a minimal charge, but I could be wrong. Credit Reports are obtained from one of three, or all three credit reporting firms. Try a Google Search for help here. As a Florida resident you should be able to obtain a copy of your Motor Vehicle History from any Driver License Office. Check the Florida DHSMV website for additional information, including the cost of providing you with a copy of your record.


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      I think they may be looking for your social security report (i.e. job history report from the SS office like listed above). Just go to your local office and get the form, send in check with form, and wait 2-4 weeks. This will make your BI job a lot easier so that may be why they are requesting it.


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        You are required to turn in a report from the social security office? Wow. When I do backgrounds I walk over to the SS office, hand in a release of info, and get the report in 5 minutes. I can run the applicants driving history from my desk. I've never heard of requiring an applicant turn in these documents. I'd much rather gather the documents myself.

        I know my above answer doesn't help you. Like Philip mentioned, you are confusing two different pieces of information. Contact your local SS office and request the documents.
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