I would love to hear your honest opinion on my chances of being hired.
My background consists of;

25 yr old WT Male
70 College Credits and in the process of finishing my B.A.
Graduate the Academy in 2 weeks
6 yrs employment at a school where I was a Substitute Teacher, Athletic Coach, Tutor
Given Final Offer of approval by the only department I ever tested for, but stuck in Freeze for 1 year so I decided to put myself through the academy.
4 other Hospitality/Customer service jobs while going to school full time.
Clean Background

1 termination from a hospitality job in 2010 for unauthorized use of hotel property (I used a vacant room to use the restroom)
1 speeding ticket in 2010/ Pled Nolo Contendere, no points or driving school as per 1st ticket.
Late on 3 credit card payments in 5 years. All of these late payments were because I was in the academy with no income and I was aware I was making this sacrifice. Credit card was payed off with my tax return and now I have no debt except college loans.