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    Hi! Just a quick question...

    I've got an interview scheduled with a local university police department in two weeks. It's been...oh my gosh...8 years since I've had to worry about interviewing for a job opening, so I'm ridiculously nervous. I was just curious as to some typical questions asked of police recruit candidates. I asked my friends, but it's been a rather long time since they had to interview for their jobs, so they really couldn't remember any specific questions asked, aside from "Why do you want to be a cop?". I'm hoping to practice some of the more common questions with a friend, so I can hopefully get over some of the nervousness and have some well-articulated answers ready.

    Thanks so much for your time!

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      Be prepared to discuss your strengths, and ALWAYS have an answer for a question regarding areas where you feel you could improve (nobody is perfect and we all have areas for improvement). Focus on answering questions regarding how your past experiences (work and/or other) have prepared you for the responsibilities and challenges of being a police officer. Also, prepare and practice delivering an oral resume'. Be able to deliver it in 2 mins or less.... it's a great way of giving the interviewers a snapshot of who you are, and how you arrived at your present station in life.


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