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Oral Board Scores?


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  • Oral Board Scores?


    First I would like to thank the community here for answering all of my questions. Most of them before I asked! (Search function DOES work people!)

    I had an oral board interview today, and I feel it went great! There were only a couple of questions that caught me off guard that I am not real confident in my answers. My question is about scoring. I noticed that after I answered a question that they would take their notes and give it a numeric rating. What I saw mostly were 3's and 4's. Does anyone know what grading system they were using? As in, is the 4's as high a score that one could get, or are there 5 possible points? I would appreciate any of your inputs!

    Thanks and God Bless!

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    We didn't use numerical scores........................................

    sounds like a department specific question.
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      I agree that yours is an agency specific question. Some agencies will use a weighted score system in which an Oral Board is scored and weighted with other phases of the examination process. If an Examination Announcement for your test was made by the Dept, it's possible that the scoring method was published as well.


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        Thanks Iowa and PC. The department is rather small, and no announcements such as that were made to the best of my knowledge. This scoring bit was a first for me.


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          In the last orals I participated in, the correct answers to each question had several elements and you got a point for each correct element you gave in your answer. For example in a situational question, we might expect you to say you would do A, B, C, D & E. If you said A, D & E you got 3 points, B alone got you one point. In addition, if you gave certain unacceptable responses, it was an instant fail for that question.

          In the end, your points would be totaled and we would come out with an overall Oral score, This would be combined with your written score to determine your rank on the eligible (hiring) list, which determined the order in which applicants would be hired.
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            Your question is probably specific to a department. We have used a 5 point system in the past. It is extremely rare for a person to get a five, as this score requires an answer that hits all of the specific anchor points. In the grand scheme of things, don't sweat it. It's behind you now. Good luck in your pursuit of a career in this profession.


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