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  • Life experience.

    If you read my last post, I took the written LAPD exam tuesday. I think I stressed too much beforehand, because it turned out pretty simple. I'll follow up with you guys next week on the results.

    However, I know a big deal of police candidates is life experience. I'm 22, with only 3 jobs?

    Question: Would an applicant with this life background be considered?

    Here is a little Bio of me.


    07-08 RoundtablePizza
    08-11- KOHLS ( A department store )
    11- Present : Help America. Customer service rep for a company that helps and assist clients in furthering education.

    I have never been a supervisor for any position.

    an associates degree in Criminal Justice,
    starting a major in Sociology (only 10 credits in)

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    OK Tony, at age 22 no agency is really looking at an extensive work history. Yours looks pretty typical, especially for a young person starting out. If you left a job for better pay and working conditions, that shouldn't be a problem. What many agencies are looking for, and don't want to see is, terminations for insubordination, integrity issues, unsatisfactory work history, etc. Don't really see any problems with what you've posted. Good luck in your continued LAPD process. While I've got you, and if I haven't mentioned this before, I suggest you visit www.policebackground.net. This is a privately owned website with the mission of assisting LAPD applicants in their process. Visit the site and take a look. I believe you'd find it helpful. Once more, the best of luck.


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      Like PhilipCal said, at your age you have a pretty typical employment history. That along with your AA degree shows that you have been furthering your education while working the last few yrs.

      Life experience doesn't just mean employment history. .......it means that you have experienced life.

      An AA degree and 10 credits toward your BS is part of that life experience as is working, as is volunteering with Non Profits or service agencies.

      Follow PhilipCal's advice as he outlined above
      Since some people need to be told by notes in crayon .......Don't PM me with without prior permission. If you can't discuss the situation in the open forum ----it must not be that important

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        I don't know why you wouldn't have a chance. Assuming background is okay, I expect the biggest part of determining whether you get hired is 1) how well you scored on the test and 2) how well you do in the oral interview/s. That said, you just have to know that you are trying to enter a career field in a very tough market right now.


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          I was hired by a large dept. with nothing but an associate's degree and 1 year of work experience at 21. I don't believe lack of life experience will hold you back.


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            You're a shoe in, LAPD is hiring a ton of 21yr olds with no life experience at all. One guy while on probation showed up to work one day wearing heelys, yes those are the shoes with the wheels on them, and her went rolling around the station like he owned the place with his earbuds in. He was a video game store employee for a year prior to applying.

            If you are 23 now, first job was in 07 so 3-4 years ago... you didn't get your first job until you were 19 or 20? I had my first job at 14 and have been working ever since.

            How many of you guys were over 18 when you got your first job?

            Originally Posted by VegasMetro
            maybe it’s me but I think a six pack and midget porn makes for good times?????


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              My 6 year old has shoes like that. Is your guy still around?


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                Hahaha, the heelies post cracked me up. - Maybe I will wear those shoes that you can pump up to Jump higher, from the 90's

                Yeah thats about it, but no. I got my first job around 18. - I thought that was the right date, I better call them all to make sure its right.

                Awesome feed back, makes me feel at ease.

                My backgrounds clean; especially compared to the other LAPD written applicants, who were discussing in line - "they can't find out what you've done unless you were charged with it."


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                  Join the military. After an enlistment, you'll be a much better applicant. Plus it'll give you some life experience.


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