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    Originally posted by iowa #1603 View Post
    of course his opinion will be weighed......................along with many other people's opinions. The background investigator normally has a pretty good bs meter as well as being a seasoned investigator.

    To begin with, do you actually think that an investigator only wants to talk to those people who will paint you with rose colored glasses. ah no!

    we want to see all your warts before we hire you.

    I will almost guarantee you that a good background investigator will talk to between 50-100 people about you before they finish their investigation. Most of them you will not have named on your bi forms


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      Originally posted by Havyn08 View Post
      I have absolutely no problem with full disclosure on my part. What I was wondering is whether or not HIS opinion about ME will be weighed, as he is a manipulative liar, and whether or not the BI will want to contact him at all being that he is guaranteed to absolutely despise me and wish me ill will.
      Your investigator understands that a person that you have an order of protection against may not say very nice things about you. However, the BI wouldn't be doing their job properly if they didn't contact him. A thorough investigation of your background requires that this situation be explored from all angles. Your angle and his angle as well.


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        I'm all messed up. I was thinking work partner and that isn't the case. Wow. I need some sleep.


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          Sig, you aren't the only one. Havy, let me try this again. YOU are the applicant and your ex is barred from contact with you via a DVPO? You're wondering if the BI will contact him? I'm sorry I effed it all up to begin with...I shouldn't be allowed to post w/o coffee. However, I'm going to take a different route than my breathern here. No. When I was doing BI, I would not contact your ex husband if there was a DVPO in affect. I would read the case and the corresponding court documents reference same, but often a DVPO is tied up in other legal paperwork (divorce, custody) and is there for a reason. I don't see the wisdom in my intentionally telling your violent ex where you're looking to be hired. JMHO

          I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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            I'm sorry y'all. You seem to have it right now, Smurf. I am the applicant (being protected by the DVPO), and HE is the one I took out a DVPO against.

            Thanks everyone for your time and expertise!

            I've determined that although I'm stressed about him being contacted, (because I'm afraid he'll say something nasty, but also for the reason Smurf mentioned) all I can do is tell the whole truth and leave the rest in God's hands. I have faith that things will work out.

            Thanks again
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              Smurf, great points. Havyn, you might want to suggest Smurf's reasons to your BI when this comes up as to why they should not contact your ex.


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