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Listing an X Step Father?


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  • Listing an X Step Father?

    I filled out a few background packets for a few agencies, and one agency that showed interest in me requested more info. I listed my mom's X husband of 15 years ago as my step father.

    I thought about it more, and since my mom is legally divorced from him (but she still carries his last name), should he be listed? They wanted his address and phone number, but we have no clue where he is, as this was 15+ years ago, and the relationship was very bad. They said if I cannot find the info to list the steps I took to obtain the info.

    I guess my question is, is he still my step father?


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    Unless he has mutant superpowers, he's not an "X step father," he would be an ex-stepfather.

    If this man and your mother are divorced common sense should tell you he is NOT your stepfather anymore. Step-relatives only remain in that role through marriage, once the marriage is over so is their relationship as a part of your family.


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      He is not your step father anymore..................................

      However he was a part of your extended family for a significant period of time. I don't see a problem listing someone in a situation like this----------it might be a significant problem should it be questioned later on. (Yea the BI might find out about him from one of your other contacts)

      Almost every application/ BI form I have ever seen has a section where you can expand on any of the other questions................I would use that to name this person and the circumstances----also as to why you don't know any further info about him.
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        Well, actually, he does have mutant powers. His power was being a superdick to my mom.

        hehe, ok thanks for the help to the above posters.


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          No, he is not your step father. I wouldn't mention him at all. If a dept brings it up I would say that you haven't seen him in fifteen years, have no idea where he is at or how to get hold of him and you have no interest in finding out.


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            He would fall under former household members if that question is asked (as long as you lived with him). List him and be safe.


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