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    Hello all,

    I was reading through a deparment's website. It's a neighboring city next to my current city which I just found out may be hiring. I had never thought to apply there before(shame on me). As I was reading through their application page on their website, I came across something(see below) in the hiring process. I have never seen anything like this in any of the other departments I have applied for/looked into. Im curious if alot of departments do an Assessment Center like this in the hiring process, and what kind of "tactical situations" an applicant would be put through if they were to take this assessment. If someone would take the time to discuss the phases listed below(maybe some examples of what would be assessed), it would be very appreciated. I would imagine they do not expect first-time external applicants to be able to follow procedure like a sworn LEO, but just I was curious if anyone could share past experiences or thoughts on the matter. I am intrigued that they have something like this in their hiring process. I will be applying promptly, and giving my best efforts to get hired. Just wanted to see if I could spark up a thread or hear some past experiences/thoughts.

    Thanks in advance.

    Assessment Center

    The top candidates who successfully pass the written examination and physical agility test will be notified and asked to return and participate in an assessment center.

    Assessment Center Testing Criterion

    Phase One - Plan of action, Phase Two - Tactical Situation, Phase Three - Tactical Situation, Phase Four - Leaderless Group, Phase Five - In-Basket Exercise, Phase Six - Oral Interview Section, Phase Seven - In-Basket Review, Phase Eight - Deal with Irate Citizen, Phase Nine - Meet with the Press

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    Never saw anything like this in a hiring process.


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      Assessment Centers are in use in a lot of departments for promotional opportunity------as noted above, I don't really know if it would be all that relevant for a entry level position.

      I have heard of an Assessment Center type process used in entry level ----------but structured more to asses the basic functions
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        I've never experienced an "Assessment Center" in an entry level exam or hiring process. At entry level, you would not, or should not be expected to have knowledge/experience at Officer level. What the center might do, is attempt to measure your ability to apply logic, reason, and an orderly thought process to the situations presented to you. Understand that this is merely a guess on my part.


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          I see. Thanks for the replies. PhilipCal, I would imagine your thinking is right. Their hiring process, in general, is quite different from everywhere else that I have applied for. Their PAT is not pass/fail like the other departments I have applied for. In addition, their written test is only police scenario type questions(as with every other test I have taken, it has also had memorization, reading comp, report writing, map reading, directions, etc). I am excited about the PAT. I plan to distinguish myself there. They also run 4-5 academies a year; granted they have civilian academies also so Im not sure how many are for POST training or sworn officers. I look forward to the process though, and I will keep everyone informed if I do get the privilege of making it to the Assessment Center.


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