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Looking for some help in Traffic Citation part of BI


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  • Looking for some help in Traffic Citation part of BI

    Hi All,

    I am trying to do an honest assessment of my driving history for the application I'm filling out but I'm having trouble remembering 26 years worth of driving. I used to live in California and I have pulled the DMV records from there and they are blank. I can remember a few of the tickets I've received during the time I lived there but I do not remember how they were taken care of other than paying the fine(traffic school). I have the record of my time spent in Texas which covers the last 5 1/2 years.
    Looking for some help in either where to go to find the record of the tickets or if I should just put down what I remember and say that there might be others but I cannot remember them.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Simply state that you have a copy of your Cali DMV records and they are blank. State you know you received some citations during the time you lived there and list APPROXIMATE dates and violations. State you paid a fine but can not find the records.

    I f you need to add a separate page where you explain the situation in detail.

    When you have an interview with you BI you can explain further if needed.
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      Thanks Iowa,
      That's what I will do. I wasn't sure if there was some way in my civilian capacity to even find those records. I'll just do my best to remember. Thanks again.


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        I just remembered I'm not supposed to respond to anything in this part of the forum as a non LEO. Sorry . . .
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          Iowa offers good advice. I have a similar circumstance. My driving history for PA shows nothing, but I've had three tickets.
          We have usjportal.pacourts.us here where we can search any court dockets since they've been digitalized.

          I didn't research it too much, but muddle around on http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/ and see if you can find something similar.
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            Just be honest. Put what you remember and you will have the opportunity to explain. Big difference between not remembering and lying, and a polygraph examiner will know immediately which it is. One lie and you're likely out.


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              I've had tickets and accidents. None can be found but I just tell them about it and move on.


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