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Advice on going through the process....


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  • Advice on going through the process....

    ....on a personal level.

    What I mean by this is; what can one do to keep their minds off the hiring process?

    I am currently in the background stages of my hiring process. After this all I have left to complete is the V.S.A. and Chief's interview. I know that I am going to work for this agency as I am a person of faith and I feel that God is calling me to this part of the state. I also know (not intending to be cocky) my own background, and have been through a background with another agency and come out ok (wasn't hired due to a sudden budget cut; me and the chief talk frequently).

    My problem is personal patience. This has just seemed to be an issue as this background investigation began. What did you folks on here do to curtail eagerness and frustration? Is there anything you can do but wait it out? I think I am a fairly patient person, this is just my life's dream and I would like it to hurry up and get here. I am sure all of you know what I mean.

    Thanks for the advice in advance.

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    One of your hobbies listed in your background packet.
    Life is too short to cry about yesterday.


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      It sucks but just tell yourself that you already have the job and start mentally preparing yourself by getting to "know" the area in which you will be working.


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        Matt, no amount of worrying, no amount of wishing, no amount of trying to shove your ambition into place, will make the process go any faster. If God is indeed calling you to this dept/part of the state, then that's precisely where you'll be hired. That will take place on God's schedule though, not yours. Getting your mind off the waiting? Doable only to a degree. As my colleague noted, if you have a hobby, indulge in it. My thought: if you don't have a hobby, acquire one. Do the things in life which you enjoy to help pass the time. Most LE hiring processes are lengthy and frustrating. Keep your eye on the prize. Good luck.


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          I am right there with you man. 95% done my background, poly, staff interview, now I just have to pretty much wait to see if there is the budget for me to be hired. It has been a year and a half now of waiting. All I can say is what PhilipCal said is if it is God's calling then everything will be fine. Officer.com has helped the time go by, plus getting involved in other hobbies. If your department has a policy manual available start reading it, mine was 600 pages, done in less then 2 days, ha. Congrats on making it this far, keep faith.


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            Start exercising. Go walk 4 miles in the morning, then lift weights in the afternoon. By the time you're hopefully hired you'll have a chiseled body and confidence.
            Sheesh, nobody can really tell YOU how to get YOUR mind off of something. Getting into a good book always takes my mind off things, and it helps the time fly by.


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