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  • A Foreign Accent

    As far as being a good candidate is concerned, how much of an impact does having a foreign accent carry?

    I don't have any problems with grammar, spelling, communicating, or being understood. But at times I still sound like a FOB (Fresh-off-the-boat).

    I'm still working on it, but having spent my first ten years abroad it's a little tough to get rid of those little kinks.

    P.S., if any one knows any good books on communication please suggest them. I finished Verbal Judo recently and thought it was quite useful.

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    I'm assuming you're a U.S. citizen. If so, my sense is that an accent wouldn't be that much of a problem. Provided that you can speak clear and understandable English. In fact, the ability to be bi-lingual can be a major asset depending on the language and the area in which you apply.


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      Have you considered taking an accent reduction course? Depending on how thick your accent is, it may help. You can find them on Amazon.com or at continuing education programs. As Phil mentioned, knowing multiple languages is a huge asset.
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        You could always do Geico commercials...
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          An accent will have almost ZERO impact.

          A good friend of mine grew up in Poland. Came to the US as an adult & later became a citizen. His English is very good, as is his writing skills. Quite honestly his accent is so thick he could be mistaken for Boris Badinov from the Rocky the Squirrel cartoon -----------------in fact he does a GREAT impression of "moose and squirrel".

          He is a deputy sheriff in one of the most populous parts of the state.
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            As long as your accent isn't so strong that people can't understand what you are saying, it shouldn't be an issue.


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              Originally posted by oneoldcop View Post
              You could always do Geico commercials...
              NAW, the lizard,ooops Gecko has that nailed


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                Originally posted by PhilipCal View Post
                I'm assuming you're a U.S. citizen... Provided that you can speak clear and understandable English.
                Yes, and yes.

                Originally posted by Zeitgeist View Post
                Have you considered taking an accent reduction course?
                Thank you for the suggestion, I ordered one and just received it in the mail.

                All: Thank you very much for your input/advice/encouragement, I appreciate it.


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                  I know of several departments pushing for minority hires....if anything an accent may give you an edge?


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