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Will a CJ degree or certificate do anything for me?


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  • Will a CJ degree or certificate do anything for me?

    Okay, I've asked a lot of questions here before, but here's another. I already have my bachelors degree in history (May 08) and I've been working full time for the same place for the past year (before that, I was substitute teaching while applying for both PDs and jobs to do until I got into a PD...one which I've got and is the said full time job).

    Now, from what I've read here, CJ doesn't do much in practicality and doesn't hold THAT much sway, but would it give me any type of edge when it came down to decision time (final offer) if I went and got a CJ certificate? Or, would I do best to save my money?
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    The main caution many of us offer concerning a CJ Degree, is it's lack of broad marketability. In contrast, your degree in History has the potential to open many more doors for you. I would believe this to be especially true, were you to pursue a teaching or academic career. OTH, if you have your heart set on a CJ Degree, go for it.


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      No! Do not waste your time! I do not say this because it is a CJ certificate (1yr?), I say it because you already have a four year degree. The logical progression is a graduate certificate or a graduate degree. If you REALLY want to, I guess that is fine, but in no way will it give you an edge over anyone else.


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        If you did not already have a degree, I would say go for it if you really want to but since you have a degree, just save your money. I have a 4 year CJ degree myself and after completing the academy, I realized exactly how little I learned.

        If you somehow have a job that pays for it, then go for it, if not, save your money as it will not make a monumental difference.


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