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When should I get worried/call the agency?


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  • When should I get worried/call the agency?

    So im processing with a local agency, size about 40-45 sworn officers. I will break down my process...

    10/6- submitted application
    10/15- oral board interview, decided to process my application
    10/21- took and passed written exam
    10/27- CVSA exam taken

    They told me at that point they would start my background investigation and in the beginning of November they talked to at least one of my neighbors. I have not heard anything from the agency since 10/27 and they have not talked to my current job (been there six years) or any of my three personal references. Oh, and its me and at most, 6 other guys competing for 3, maybe even 4, positions, so the odds are great.

    My question, when do you think I should start worrying/call? They said they want this to be a fast process since they need officers ASAP. Thanks a ton guys!

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    Don't believe I'd call just yet. If a Background Investigation has begun on you, a proper one takes some time to complete. This is especially true of a smaller agency, where Background Investigations are assigned to Officers as a "collateral" duty. That is in addition to normal assignments. Also, the holidays are beginning, and that often slows things down a little. I totally understand your anxiety, but give your process a few more weeks before calling.


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      I agree, they will send you a letter if they DQ you, so for now, no news is good news
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        BI's take longer than you would think. Also keep in mind that this is a smaller agency and the person doing your investigation may be juggling other duties as well.

        However, calling them won't hurt anything, in fact since it has been nearly 1 month, it might be a good thing to check.
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          Thanks for the suggestions, got the call today, im out. Found out it was down to 4 guys with three spots and for the most part just drew the short straw, 2 guys were locks and the me and the other guy were neck and neck.


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            Originally posted by nonotnow View Post
            Thanks for the suggestions, got the call today, im out. Found out it was down to 4 guys with three spots and for the most part just drew the short straw, 2 guys were locks and the me and the other guy were neck and neck.
            Hopefully, this won't be the last of your efforts. Quite a few of us had to take more than one shot (application/process) before we got the call we wanted. Keep at it, good luck.


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              Thanks PhilipCal, im down but not out! Need a day or two to get over the heartbreak but im not giving up!


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                Well I just felt like I should update this thread to give hope to other people out there. I applied to that same agency back in January and never heard anything back so I called once in January, once in February, and one more time on Monday the 1st.

                They called me back two hours later that day and wanted me in for an appointment to tell me that they wanted to start processing me again

                Here I am two weeks later and I signed my conditional Friday and get sworn in next week. I am beyond excited to start working and just wanted to say to you guys still applying, DO NOT GIVE UP! If you believe you can, you will.

                Thanks to this board for giving me words of encouragement as well!
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                  That is great news! Good luck and learn lots!!


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                    Congrats man. Get out there and make a positive impact
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