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2nd rejection


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  • 2nd rejection

    I got my 2nd rejection today. Last one I got it didn't bother me so much but this one was for an agency that I really wanted to work for.

    I would love to know reasoning on why.
    The people that i know there said that they are hard up for help and are even doing a second PAT in hopes to find more candidates for this season.

    For those of you who are reading this let me ask...
    Do you only get one shot at an agency? It is worth re-applying for next season?
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    Don't give up. Most applicants apply to several agencies before being hired.
    It sucks when you had your hopes set on one agency. It's best not to put all your eggs in one basket. Apply, apply and apply until you get hired.

    Don't drive yourself nuts wondering why you didn't get hired. You probably will never find out and even if you do you'll wonder why about that. Keep your head up and move on.

    If you're really set on that dept. check with their H.R. dept. and find out when or if you can re-apply.

    Good luck


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      Depends on the agency. If they didn't specifically tell you not to apply again, I assume that you can. Just call HR and see if it is allowed. Do you know at what part of the process you were weeded out?


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        I was out after the Oral board/ pre-BI

        I guess what I am looking for it to find out if it is something from my past that would disqualify me where ever I go...
        The sooner you understand that all your base are belongs to me the better off you will be.


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          Contact the agency that DQ'd you. Ask if they are willing to assist you by disclosing the reason. It could be in an answer you provided during the interview - not necessarily what you said, but how you said it. Perhaps you were not convincing; or, perhaps you were a little overly confident, cocky, defensive or anything. Some agencies are willing to help you out.
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            If you were out after the oral board, I would say that is what did you in. If they are like everyone else, they don't have the time to waste doing BIs on people who aren't moving on to the next phase, so I seriously doubt any background work was even done on you.


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              At the end of the day, you know yourself, thus you're background, better than any of us. While I agree with the suggestion of contacting the Agency, keep in mind that many agencies will not disclose the reason for a DQ or Non Select. With all of that said, and you knowing your own background, I'd definitely re-apply with the Agency, unless they specifically advised you not to. Consider applying at other agencies as well.


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                You'll be fine. Most applicants get several no's before they receive the magical yes. We had a recent hire that flunked out of seven departments, most of which were at the psychological evaluation stage.

                Don't give up. Try some smaller agencies, that might help.

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                  I applied at one agency twice before they had hired me...


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                    I have a question related to this subject. Would it look bad on a applicant's part, if he/she applied many times with the SAME department? I ask because, I'm on my 2nd go around with the current department that I am applying for.

                    To the O.P. Hang in there man, you will get your shot.

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                      It took me twice to get on where Im at now, (my 2nd agency).
                      I was out after the first time oral board. I told them what I THOUGHT they wanted to hear. Boy was I wrong.
                      2nd time, 6 months later I was honest in the oral and it obviously worked out better for me.

                      Keep trying...dont know what your oral was like but be honest, even though you dont think youre giving the "right" answer, you just might be
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                        Yes I know exactly why they passed on you.

                        You failed the oral board. Practice makes perfect. You don't always get it on the first shot. Some agencies have a timeline on when you can re-apply so call HR and ask.


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                          I got file full of rejection in my desk drawer. I keep them so when I'm the President of the World I can hang them in my office.


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                            Maybe time to look at something else to do.
                            Free Deke O'Mally!!!


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