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Background Question- Employment


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  • Background Question- Employment

    I have a question regarding my background which hopefully won't stand in my way of becoming a LEO, but I would like your input.

    For about two years I worked at my University doing security, which is loosely attached to the University's PD. I was eventually asked to resign as a result of an incident in which I was working in a dorm an allowed two former dormitory employees who I had worked with on many occasions into the office of the dorm. They ended up doing some things they shouldn't and when I found out, I reported it with proper documentation. Now, I wouldn't say that I was blameless in the situation, but they turned around and said that the whole thing was my idea. Essentially it never resolved itself beyond "he said-she said" and as a result, my boss was uncomfortable with me continuing to work there. Despite this, he told me that he would still give me good references and I did ultimately get a job with him being a reference.

    My question is, how will BI's look at this? I fully admit that in allowing them access, I did something I shouldn't, but in the end, I did the right thing and reported it. Even my boss agreed that if I hadn't reported the situation, it is likely that nothing would have ever come of it.

    Other than this, my background is pretty much clean. I have a good employment history, no run-ins with the law and am a volunteer reserve officer with a local PD. Any insight or advice any of you can offer would be much appreciated.

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    Are you talking about in the future? Only if it were an official ride-along. As a reserve? No, since policy forbids it unless a Sgt. approves it, and then it's only supposed to be when a victim/ witness etc... needs a ride.


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      Yes, that was against policy, which I fully admit to. And they weren't just friends off the street, they were former RA's who were in the building with a friend who still lived their. But in the end, yes, I did violate policy, which I obviously regret.
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        Originally posted by Code Seven
        Are you going to let your friends ride around in the patrol car with you?
        Originally posted by phillydog07 View Post
        Are you talking about in the future? Only if it were an official ride-along.
        You knowingly allowed two unauthorized former employees into a dorm office in violation of your employers rules. As a result, they engage in misconduct serious enough to get you fired for you actions. In spite of this, as a cop you would still take them on a ride along. Dude, repeat after me - INSTANT BACKGROUND FAIL. Applicant lacks the characteristics of good judgment.

        Here's what it looks like to a BI. You aided, advised and/or encouraged your two friends in whatever misconduct they engaged in at the dorm office. Fearful of getting caught, you then decided to roll over on them, before they got caught and snitched you off. After all, the first one to point the finger of blame has the best claim of innocence. The fact that you would still be willing to take them on a ride along suggests you saw no harm in what they did and that you were all in this together. In short, you're screwed.
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          I wasn't referring to those friends as far as the ride alongs, just friends in general. But thanks for giving it to me straight. At least I haven't invested my whole life into being a LEO and can find another line of work. As far as those "friends", I haven't associated with them since this.


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            Here's a thought, read L-1's reply once more, as it really says it all. Whether or not you realize it, you're shifting the blame in a situation for which you are totally responsible. So, in addition to the original error in judgement, you're rationalizing and attempting to evade responsibility for what happened. From a Background Investigator's perspective, you met the criteria for Disqualification for most Departments. Lack of proper judgement, and the inability to accept responsibility for your actions.


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