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putting your self through the academy


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  • putting your self through the academy

    I live a a small town north of Atlanta. I am 19 years old. I am currently starting my degree at Gainesville State College in Oakwood. I put in an application with an agency here. Due to my age it is for a jailer. Pretty much every agency I have looked at wants certified officers. What do you think about me sponsering myself through the full basic post course vs. trying to get hired? I plan to continue to work on the degree while working. I will take a semester off to go to the academy.

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    My best advice to you is get a bachelors degree first. Being that your only 19 I dont see alot of departments hiring that young. While earning your degree look into internships. I put myself through the academy after I got my bachelors degree.


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      I am putting myself through the academy me right now and about two months in. I have a question for anyone out there, I need to be sponsored(hired) by an agency to complete my phase II firearms of the academy to become MPT certified in NYS. I am putting resume together. I need to come up with some type of cover letter for it. Any ideas on how I approach places to as about or potentially get hired from them? It really sucks around here right now as nobody has any money and no one is hiring squat now!


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