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Looking to become a Class I


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  • Looking to become a Class I

    I am wondering if I could get some helpful information about becoming a class I officer. I am thinking about applying to a shore town here in NJ for working the summer. I am 26 years old, i have never been in any kind of trouble, I have no points on my license and i do not use any drugs, smoke anything, or even drink. I have taken numerous tests for other LEO agencies and have passed them all and made it as far as the interview with the Psychiatrist for the Conn. State police. I do not have any knocks against me in any way, I went to school for a criminal justice degree and i am currently three classes from graduating. I realize that most of the competition is a few years younger then I am and I am wondering if that will weigh in on my chances.

    Thank you for your time

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    Chris, I suggest you get in touch with the Department you wish to work for. They should be able to answer your question.


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      Why not go for Class 2? Depending which shores you apply to some may require you to start as a Class1. Cape May county agencies generally dont require you to be a class1 and you can go to the academy in May for about 6-7 weeks.
      I don't answer recruitment messages....


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        You are very much mistaken if you think 26 is old or that it will work against you. All things being equal, I would hire a 26 year old over a 21 year old every day of the week.


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