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    Hi everyone Im new to this board and figured that I should introduce myself. First of all let me thank all of you officers and military personell serving. let me give you alittle bit of my history. Ive been wanting to become a police officer since I was in highschool and have been interested in law enforcement since then. My dreams are to work for a government agency for example F.B.I. or D.E.A.

    I have always been told that I am mature for my age and am always with a serious demeanor. My hobbies include working out, since I have been for 3 years now staying in shape. I am 5'6 150 pounds but I have determination and will. Along the way though I have made a lot of mistakes that I regret now but I will have to face them. During highschool in 2003 and the begining of college 2008 I experimented with marijuana and I would say that I have used it ten times, I dont know why I did it because I never liked it in the first place but ohwell. I hope that this does not stop me from becoming a police officer because I really have promised to myself that I will Never do it again and am glad about that. Also inaugust 2006 I received a ticket for making an illegal u-turn and in march 2007 received a ticket for speeding and not wearing my seatbelt, I learned from both those instances and matued from it.

    I have always admired people in the armed forces but never thought of becoming one of them myself. Last year in December I decided to enlist into the Marine Corps delayed entry program and told my recruiter about my past marijuana usage. I spoke with a private inestigator and he went into detail about why and how much times I did it. Being that I finished my AA degree while in the dep program, I changed my mind this summer and told my recruiter that I was sorry for wasting his time and the Marine Corps money on me but I made the choice to drop out of the program and finish my education first before anything.

    Now I am in a point in my life where I am seriously looking at all of my options and am looking to apply to the police agencies here in Miami. Where I really want to work is for the mdpd but they are on a hiring freeze and thier website doesnt work for me. I went in person to apply but they told me that I had to wait until the freeze was over to apply. I applied in the meantime to the fhp and recently received a notification that they are reviewing my application and will notify me on when to take the cjbat and the pat test. I am really excited to start my career and to be apart of the brotherhood all of you represent. Currently I am enrolled at fiu as a part time student wanting to go full time next semester and have a part time job.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I appreciate this website you guys have here it has a lot of info that is helpful. I will try to stay active on this board. Take care

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    In your post, you mention having made plenty of mistakes. I respect your right to not disclose those mistakes on a public forum. They will have to be disclosed when you apply, and their nature and seriousness will determine whether or not you meet the criteria for Disqualification. Ten time use of Marijuana pushes the tolerance/experimentation policies of many agencies. What I'm getting from your post, is a certain lack of commitment. I'm especially refering to your not following through on your Marine Corps commitment. Please understand, I'm not saying you have no chance. Again, muc of that will depend on the "mistakes" you mentioned. Keep in mind that the applicant pool for most Departments is filled with very well qualified people. I'm not inferring you're not one of those people, but merely reminding you that the competition will be pretty stiff.


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      Thanks Philipcal I appreciate your input. I feel that this is something that I really want and it has been that way for years. I will stay determined and wont give up and keep going at it. Right now I am waiting for the mdpd department to start taking applications again and start hiring. Again thanks


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