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  • Oral Board Test

    Regarding the oral board test.

    Last week I took one and was posed only a few situational questions. One being what I thought was an easy one. "You are performing traffic duty on Main Street and you notice a woman speeding, what would you do". I said something to the effect of I would pull her over, explain to her she was speeding and I would issue her a ticket.

    Since I don't know the exact procedure as to what I'm supposed to do is that a "good" answer? Or, should I have been much more detailed as in I would pull her over and then run her license plate to ensure the car was registered and not stolen. Then I would tell her the reason I stopped her and ask for her license and registration. I would then go back to my cruiser and check her license and registration for validity, etc. etc.

    Even though I don't know the exact process, is the latter the answer the oral board's are looking for? I took the question as they were looking for letter of the law vs. discretion but in hindsight I just don't know.

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    I had the same problem. Not being a LEO i felt ill equiped to answer some of the situations that they 'put me in'

    The oral board is extremely subjective so i dont think that there is a good answer.

    I know I asked alot of questions. Like how fast was she going? The idea i think is to show discretion based on the situation. 1-2 mph you wouldnt ticket 5-10+ you would...
    But then again I got rejected so maybe I am wrong...
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      Your answer was good, but, How did you know she was speeding without your radar to confirm it? These are the things you don't know when your not a LEO so I don't know how that question would work.


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        I would assume you were assigned to a post for a reason. Are you compromising traffic safety by leaving your post to deal with a minor violator?


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