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Forgot to list a past job


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  • Forgot to list a past job

    I just remembered my first job. It was waay back when I was in high school (it's been about 6 years or so). I totally forgot about it and didn't disclose it in my background/application.

    I met with the B.I about 2 and a half weeks or so ago. Is it too late to contact him and let him know I just remember this job? He had given me his card at the end of the interview and told me to feel free to contact him if i remember anything I may have forgotten. Will this count against me??

    Also, if I do email him, would it be inappropriate to ask him in regards to when my psych and 2nd interview will be? I did my poly and they were vague about when I would be taking my psych and just said "We will contact you..."

    Thanks for any advice!
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    well it'd be best to contact them about it now anyways.


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      Contact him. Fill him in. I'd suggest personal contact(phone) if possible. All said and done, it shouldn't be a problem.


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        I'd go there and meet him in person. For your sake, I hope you weren't fired from this job.


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          It will also mattter what type of agency you're applying to. If it's Federal, it will matter if you don't contact them and they find out. State, county and city departments, have more discretion.

          I will add, forgetting about your first job only six years ago, does raise an eyebrow.

          Don't read into what you think they will think about your responses. Just be honest.

          All said, you have nothing to worry about IF you contact asap by phone as mentioned by another poster.

          Good luck.....


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