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  • Background/Reference Check.


    I'm hoping that some LEO's can help me out with my current situation. I recently interviewed for a CSO (Community Service Officer) position with a college PD. Anyway, my interview was successful, and now the PD is in the process of checking my background/references. So, here's my question.

    I'm currently employed with a school as an aide. I have a 1 year contract (I think everyone employed at a school has to do this). Anyway, I'm an hourly employee, get paid very little, with no benefits, and I'm working 40hrs per week. So, this new job will not only offer me great benefits, but I'll make twice as much as I'm making now. I'm making very little, and I have a B.A. Degree in CJ.

    Anyway, I don't want to tell my current employer about this new job opportunity until I know that I'm sure I will be getting it. It's better than NO job in this economy, but it's not something I really care to do for the entire year either. I've wanted this prospective job for a year (Interviewed twice for it in the last year). So, what do I do at this point? The HR dept. told me that they would be contacting my current boss, who has said good things about me to me, but she's also kind of a BEEOTCH, and I'm worried how she's going to react when she gets the call. What will the HR dept. ask her about me? Should I let her know, or just wait and let HR contact her?

    Thanks much guys!

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