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    I just found out a department I am testing for will be conducting "group interviews". Anyone know what these interviews are like? Suggestions on how to "survive" these types of interviews??

    Thank you for any insight!

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    Never been to a group interview before, much less heard of one. It may be the same as an oral board though.


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      I've never been in one and I think they are pretty strange. What I have read is that you need to say something that will make you stand out from everyone else. You constantly need to process what the other applicants are saying so you can piggyback with more information. "What X said is true. I would also add....."


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        my one and only experience in the oral board was a group interview.The board moderator will come out and invite everyone in and to take a seat.Try to be the first in line and walk in with your chin up and chest out.Although you remain anonomous throughout the entire interveiw,this is the first impression,and an important one.On the seats will be colored paper.I was in a group of three,so the colors were red, yellow, and green.I chose red.I actually thought that this was the "test" to see what kind of personality I had.The moderator will explain the rules for a few moments.He will ask the first person a question and he/she will x amount of time to think of a response and will then have x amount of time to respond.Same question goes around the room till everyone answers,then onto the next question.Few questions are asked in these type of interveiws,because of the time limits vs the number interveiwee's.I was asked 6 total questions.
        The panel will most likely be a moderator + 3 people writting and erasing constantly.Don't let that bother you,that's what they do.The people on the panel for mine were all Chiefs from surrounding municipalities.
        My advice is [I]try[I] not to restate what another has already said.That was the hardest part,having to think of something new because the guy before me said what I wanted to say.
        Just keep you wits about ya and good luck!!


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